Enhancing performance in 3-6 simple steps...

Introducing: 5 ways to achieve successful fat loss

●  Energy expenditure must exceed energy intake

●  The longer you are active with low carbohydrate availability, the greater the fat oxidation

●  This effect is intensified during low intensity endurance exercise training

●  High intensity exercise depletes muscle glycogen and we can use this to our advantage to target training adaptation

●  Sleep around 8 hours per night to enhance hormone production, helping with recovery from training

Introducing: The 3 food pillars to nutrition & training – as used with athletes

1. Timing of food

2. Type of foods

3. Total amount of food required 

The 3 Sessions You Need To Be Doing To Enhance Adaptation

HIIT - We are talking HIGH intensity. You can view a video we did HERE

Threshold - Threshold is defined as the transition from oxidative steady state to unsustainable metabolic work

Volume - The home of cardiovascular and muscular adaptation

4 mistakes you are making that are stopping you progress...

You don't work on your physique - you think training is enough to get you by come race day.

You don't research how to develop as an athlete - and therefore you never will

You are currently eating POORLY but again, you think your training is good enough to "override" that

You are doing the WRONG amounts of volume and intensity - thereby inducing UNNECESSARY amounts of fatigue

If so, Our PERFORMANCE ACCELERATOR could be the one for you!

Develop Time-Efficiency


Look... you are busy... You have commitments but you LOVE the sport. Why don't you allow us to help you put into practise some IMMEDIATE time-efficient training methods that you can start implementing tomorrow? Apply now on the home page.

Equipment vs Coaching Investment...


People are sometimes reluctant to invest in a coach, yet $$$$$$ are spent yearly on the latest greatest gadgets and kit!


So... Here's my say on the matter..


Its a tough pick -

On one hand you can opt for the $3,000 new bike - that is advertised and marketed to knock off 1 minute during your 40 km TT... Or investing in a coach that can give you 5x that improvement potentially. Not to mention if you can invest in a new bike after that!

The "engine hypothesis" is being focussed on the wrong aspect of investment in yourself. Focusing on buying a better bike is like strapping a new fancy engine to your fundamentally flawed plane if you haven't developed yourself first. Yes, you will have more power on your plane... but you likely won't take flight.

On the other hand, investing in coaching and developing yourself as an athlete is giving you the wings you need to become aerodynamic and fly without an engine. You can just run off a cliff and glide - easy peasy....

Unless you are in the lucky position to be financially free - be smart with your investment choices. Its a much nicer view from up above!

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