Hi guys, Scott here... Just a quick message to my triathlon friends frustrated with spending hours upon hours training, with no real reward in either physical physique, or race day results…


If you're a busy, male, working professional / part time age group triathlete, and you are serious about competing in triathlon, then what if i could offer you the chance to apply for a program that will get you lifetime PB’s in record time?


Oh, not forgetting it is designed to get you LEAN.


Marrying performance and body composition is not easy... and if you currently struggle to do that… then you are probably experiencing at least one of the following problems:


1. Your busy work schedule leaves you limited time to train - making it challenging to progress as you'd like and shift "stubborn" fat that is still hanging around...


2. You feel like you have no time to research how to maximise the effort you put in to triathlon training.


3. You are unsure to what is classed as a "smart" food choice pre- and post-training and on rest days - in order to adapt smarter.


4. You are struggling to find a balance between training volume and intensity, therefore causing a lot of fatigue for sub-optimal adaptation.


Well.... if any of these sounds familiar - then listen in....


As someone who is gaining a PhD in sports & exercise performance physiology, and is also a certified (ITCA) triathlon coach… I have always pushed myself to find the latest greatest performance techniques to help people SMASH through barriers.


But after working with, and speaking to numerous age group triathletes, it was quite apparent that most of the guys i was talking to, were not clued up on at least 3 of the MOST VITAL components to enhancing triathlon race performance, subsequently blunting their own progression unnecessarily.


We therefore took on a small experimental group of triathletes and applied the latest cutting edge techniques in sports science research, and were able to get our beta group SIGNIFICANT performance improvements from as little as 6 weeks in!


Right now, I have an opportunity for 5 motivated male age group triathletes who want to dramatically improve their triathlon performance and physiques in JUST 4 months from today.


But it’s not for everyone…


I’m really only looking to work with the most serious and committed people. Those who will push themselves through new boundaries daily and stick to a pre-agreed training regimen.


If that sounds like you here’s how it works...


Below you’ll find a link to an application form where you can apply to join my next triathlon performance accelerator program.


After you submit the form, click the link on the follow up page which will take you directly to my calendar. Book in 3 time slots that suit you. If your application is successful I will confirm one time slot and ring you at the agreed date and time.


If we both decide that my coaching and the accelerator program is the right fit for you and and you make the decision to move forward and join my program, you will receive:


1. Bespoke custom training plans - developed for YOU - built entirely for training progression and to make sure you have every session pencilled into your diary.


2. Your own custom nutrition plan and strategic coaching so you know what to eat, at what times; so you can start adapting optimally in terms of both physique and performance...


3. 16 weeks of Premium Training & Nutrition Coaching & Education, including weekly coaching calls to discuss your progress - and unlimited email access giving you the support and accountability you need to stay focused and motivated.


Spaces are limited to just 5 male age groupers, and applications are now rolling in!


So if you are serious about transforming your triathlon performance and your physical physique to peak this season - then I invite you to apply now before you miss you out!

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